eat at the tara pub amsterdam rokin


“soup of the day” 7.50
ask the waiter

v “crab salmon cakes” 9.50
crab meat, scottish salmon , sweet chilli sauce

“steak tartare” 9.50
raw steak tartar, capers

v “french onion soup” 8.50
grated cheese, bread


v “sloppy joe” 16.50
stuffed potato, beans, vegetables, cheddar, creme fraiche

“Grilled Duck breast” 22.50
duck breast, pumpkin, onion, bell pepper

“grilled salmon” 21.50
house smoked, chipotle, green beans, potatoes

v “gnocchi” 16.50
dumplings, fried tomato, molasses, parmesan

“rumpsteak” 21.50
cola bbq sauce, beetroot, grilled potato

“irish stew” 19.50
irish lamb stew, potatoes, mushrooms

“Louisana Gumbo” 20.50
stew, chicken, spicy sausage, schrimps, baked potato

“XXL hamburger” 16.50
hamburger, bacon, cheese, relish, fries, salad

“good old fish and chips” 17.50
hake fillet, guinness batter, tartar sauce, coleslaw, fries

“entrecote for 2” 39.50
400 gr texel’s beef, vegetables of the season, chipotle, corn cobs, baked potato

side dish
v “green salad” 5.00

v “cole slaw” 5.00

v”corn cobs” 5.00


v “skinny salad” 12.50
mixed salad, cottage cheese, dill dressing

“seafood salad” 15.50
tuna, shrimps, squids, mixed salad, home made dressing

“ceasar salad” 15.50
little gem, parmesan, smoked chicken, poached egg


“macho nachos” 12.50
jalapenos, cheddar, minced meat, creme fraiche

“ron’s sticky ribs” 12.50

v “super bowl fries” 10

v “mixed olives” 3.50

v “Snake bites” 8.50
stuffed jalapenos, deep fried

“TFC” 12,50
bucket with Tara’s Fried Chicken

“oma bobs bitterballen” 6

“chinese fried chicken dim sum , oyster sauce” 7.50

“snack platter“18.50
bitterballs, cheesesticks, springrols, fricadels

v “mayonnaise” 0.75

v “ketchup” 0.75


v “bananasplit” 7.50
vanilla ice, banana, chocolate sauce

v “belgian waffle” 7.50
vanilla ice, warm cherry, cream

v “hot lava cake” 7.50
hot chocolate cake, creme anglaise

v “espresso martini” 10.00
vodka, kahlua, double ristretto

v “scroppino” 8.50
vodka, lemon, sorbet, amarena

v “barbara’s home made healthy pie” 4.00
vegan, gluten free, raw cacao, walnut, dates, cocos

v “tart of the day” 4.00

sandwiches. 10:00 – 17:00

“toast cannibal” 9.50
raw steak tartar, capers, toast, salad

“tuna melt” 9.50
tuna, mayonnaise, grated cheddar, toast, salad

“philly chicken” 9.50
chicken, onion, red pepper, cheddar, brioche, salad

“steak sandwich” 12.50
beef, jack daniels-bbqsauce, mushrooms, onion, red pepper, brioche, salad

v “croque mozarella” 9.50
buffalo, tomato, basil, toasty, salad

“Beef croquettes on bread roll” 8.50
in breadcrumbs deep fried beef ragout, brioche, mustard, butter, lettuce

“London’s yummy breakfast roll” 12.50
tomato, sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, fries

“BBQ-pulled pork” 9.50
greek pitabread, pulled pork, tzaziki, lettuce

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